Founder of Confident Business Women’s Academy & Podcasting for Women in Business Group.

Maria Corpuz Henderson is an Online Biz Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Sought after Online Business Strategist, Master Networker and possesses a Powerful ability to grow communities around her clients Brands, Products and Services.

She teaches new entrepreneurs how to package and create communities around their passions & purpose, become confident to charge what they are worth & achieve a 6 figure online business.

Maria is a mother of two with a background in Business Coaching, Hospitality Management, Business Administration and Passionate about sharing her expertise with her clients to grow their own businesses.


I believe every woman can achieve a life a of their dreams, if you place the right seeds into your mind, you will reap great rewards.

What you sow you reap and I am here to teach women how to sow abundance, prosperity, confidence, love into their lives, businesses and families.

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