Founder of Confident Business Women's Academy & Podcasting for Women in Business Group.

Maria Corpuz Henderson is an International Coach & Strategist, Best-Selling Author, & possesses a Powerful ability to grow communities around her clients Brands, Products & Services.
She teaches new entrepreneurs how to package & create communities around their passions & purpose, intuitively & confidently charge premium services, achieve a freedom, wealth & their dream business!

Maria is a mother of two with a background in Business Coaching, Hospitality Management, Business Administration & Passionate about sharing her expertise with her clients to grow their own businesses & live meaningful lives.

Need Support?

The Universe Supports YOU!

I believe the Universe supports you to achieve what is most important to you. If you are reading these words, something brought you here to learn about me and discover if I can support you in reaching your dream business, dream clients and a lifestyle you know you deserve.

This is the Universe’s divinity working to support you. I believe so strongly that the Universe will bring people, places and things to you so that you can accomplish your goals. Don’t take this moment for granted, lets get connected 😊

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