My name is Maria, founder & creator of Talks w/ Maria, Podcaster & Author of The Boss Mom Mentality.

I am a wife and mother to two toddlers,  learning about Motherhood and this huge chapter in my life has compelled me to share my personal development journey, personal growth…becoming a mom that I can be proud of, a long with sharing inspiration and motivation for women and mommy’s.

I am a career woman by day and have a background in contracts, hospitality, business management and am a Certified Paralegal.

However, my true passion resides in my family, personal development, the magic of manifesting, and creating a fulfilling life. My goal is to connect with other moms whom are inspired by the same things!

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Aside from my family, my passion is personal growth, sharing insight on co-creating our environment, becoming aware of our personal power and finally, living a dream we only imagined by harnessing our inner abilities to make the most of ouour lives through personal growth.

I hope to encourage a healthier, positive and purposeful lifestyle for the betterment of our lives and our families lives.


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