Maria is the Founder & Creator of Confident Business Women's Academy & Podcasting for Women in Business Group.

Maria Corpuz Henderson is an International Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, Best-Selling Author, & Podcast host for a Women’s Empowerment & Business Podcast. Coming out of working for Corporate America, she dreamed of supporting Women centered around a Spiritual Empowered journey of Business Building & Sales Development.

Teaching Women, just like her, to follow their intuition of what their hearts are yearning to share with the world, taking out the ‘yuck’ of sales, to Being of Service & to grow Confidently as a Business Women.

Above her personal dreams of supporting women, she is a wife & mother of two!

“My WHY I do this, is for my girls. To show them, they can do whatever their hearts dream of & live a fulfilling life by Being of Service to their community.” -Maria

Need Support?

The Universe Supports YOU!

I believe the Universe supports you to achieve what is most important to you. If you are reading these words, something brought you here to learn about me and discover if I can support you in reaching your dream business, dream clients and a lifestyle you know you deserve.

This is the Universe’s divinity working to support you. I believe so strongly that the Universe will bring people, places and things to you so that you can accomplish your goals. Don’t take this moment for granted, lets get connected 😊

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