COVID-19 #Pandemic

Our world has completely taken a pause. In the fast past world of the USA, life is at a hault and we are now having to learn how to slow down ourselves.

There is a lot of fear, worry and negativity that fills a lot of hearts around the world, undstandably so, considering how quickly things have changed in our worlds.

I just got off the phone with one of my girlfriends and she shared with me that her company let them work from home. A new way of life for most, working from home requires some getting used to for sure.

Things to consider due to the Corona Virus

Your Hands

What we do with our hands is the cause for spreading the virus. We may not even know it but, we may have the virus lingering on our fingertips after touching a surface in public.

I notice, even for me that I touch my face constantly, seriously. It is the worst. I swear, my brain makes my face itchier knowing that I cant touch my face while in public. I hate it.

Watch what you do with your hands, stay clean, wash them frequently, dont touch your face and keep your hands to yourself.


The virus is airborne and if you are carrier of the virus, one slight cough in the wrong direction could effect an entire community. Be conscious of covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

Be sure to take note of who is closest to you, so that you know who you could be affecting.

Social Distancing

A lot of people are not taking this seriously. Social distancing is the biggest way we can flatten the curve.

Figure out different ways that you can entertain yourself at home. Either binge watch a series. Or figure out a hobby to start doing. Perhaps a long time project that you’ve been putting aside.

Whatever way to get yourself home, do it. Stay within your four walls to eliminate spreading or catching the virus.


I hope you guys are well. I know this time of uncertainty can be worrisome.

But if you follow the directions, wash your hands and social distance yourself, you will be fine.

Click Here to learn more about flattening the curve.

Sending you my love!

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