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Effective Journaling Tips

The act of journaling ignites something within us mentally, physically and emotionally.

Writing about my goals has been a window for me to manifest the things I wanted in my life. If we use the power of journaling to harness this magical power, you too can create meaningful healing, enjoy motherhood and achieve personal development.

This form of activity, when done correctly can not only promote emotional healing but also bring forth the life you’ve always wanted.

Journaling is a powerful tool to create, heal and grow within Motherhood and womanhood.

Writing down your worries or how you feel helps with venting and allows for distressing during high intense moments. This same activity helps with visualizing your aspirations, dreams and goals.

Here are some tips for successful journaling!

Peaceful Environment

When you have decided you want to journal, where you want to journal is extremely important. This tells whether you will be able to access your thoughts about the particular situation you are journaling about.

There is a level of focus required to be able to get what you are seeking for when journaling and your environment will dictate if you can achieve that focus. Be sure to be in a quiet place, uninterrupted and the energy is at peace before you begin journaling.  

Be Intentional

Before you start jotting things down, keep in mind what your goal is. Just like when you enter your car and start driving, you think to yourself of the location of your final destination.

This mental preparation allows your mind to access the part of yourself to evoke solutions to what you are journaling about. Be clear with what your goal is, are you looking for resolve?

Are you looking to find peace in your decision in something particular that took place?

Are you looking to sort out your thoughts and try to make sense of it all? Whatever it is, make sure you know what your goal is before you start journaling.  

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are new to journaling, making this activity is key to be able to access the part of your mind that allows you creative thought, solutions and critical thinking. Be sure to start off at least once a week, write about how your week was.

Than move to the next phase of journaling twice a week and make it simple, you can journal about what you are grateful for. Oprah has a gratitude journal that allows her to journal and feel blessed for whats in her life and does this on a daily basis.


Just because your first try seemed odd, or you didn’t have much to say… I encourage you to keep at it, eventually your mind will take over and spew out all the details of your life.

This is the best part, when you’ve reached that level of journaling, that means only one thing. You can truly find some healing with all that spewing and get closer to personal development!   If you already don’t own a journal, I recommend journaling on a composition book, its durable, last long and has a hard cover for durability.

I bring my journal every where I go, so its important that my journals are durable… here it is, get yours now!  

Share with me what your take is from this post, is it easy for you to journal?

Happy Journaling!

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