Podcasting for Women in Business

Podcasting for WIB is a group that I started in Facebook that has grown into a beast of its own.

I love it! It has been a fulfilling 2.5 months since I started the group and it is now filled with lots of #bossladies whom are looking to expand their passions, services or products into Podcasting or are already Podcasters themselves.

Nonetheless, it has been a great journey connecting with so many of the ladies all over the world and I have been able to create some great relationships!

The group is all about being able to learn from one another, getting tips on how to better podcast, how to improve questions that we ask during podcast interviews, there is a podcast review that the girls are exchanging with each other to improve podcast ranking and podcast vetting for guest interviews.

If you are interested in joining click below!!

Podcasting for Women in Business
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Have a Podcast or want to start a Podcast? This community will allow you to learn, share, thrive as a Podcaster and start conversations around your …

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