The Boss Mom Mentality

Principle #10 Value of Adaptability

“Overcome uncertainty at any time, by learning the skill of Adaptability.”

– M.H.

I am 5 years new into parenting and by now, I should be an expert.

Given it takes 1000 hours to master a skill, if that’s the case, then I’ve mastered this mom thing. Unfortunately, this is not a professional skill like writing contract law or becoming an engineer. The matters of the heart and raising little ones can’t be mastered in 1000 hours because our children, families are ever changing.

Parenting while managing everything else is difficult and will get even harder as our children grow older and start to cultivate their own personality, beliefs and ideals. Some parents may seem like they have it figured out, but even those parents aren’t fully prepared for when this happens. 

How do you really handle the challenges within Motherhood and balancing everything else? 

Well, to simply put it, one must cultivate the character of Adaptability. A Boss Mom has the ability to adapt in situations, they embody a character of flexibility and can adjust when the situation calls for it. 

Raising children is the toughest job in the world. It’s physically demanding, emotionally exhausting, and mentally draining. Most adults aren’t ready for such a task and we commonly go about doing all of this with no real plan or goals in mind. 

The world of parenting is always changing, they’re getting older, they are developing more of an understanding of their surroundings, whom they are as individuals and drawing their own conclusions about their world. Cultivating your ability to adapt in a given situation allows you to be steadfast in your beliefs while having the ability to mold to different situations when necessary.

The Boss Mom Mentality

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