The Boss Mom Mentality

Principle #13 Value of Affirmations

In The Boss Mom Mentality, I share my thoughts on affirmations and why it is important in Motherhood.

“What we think we become.”


Affirmations totally redefine my life, my view of myself and who I am as a woman… I hoping for the same results for my readers.

What you say to yourself on a constant basis effects your behaviors, your actions and your results. Be sure to have positive affirmations that are aligned with your goals

Start it with “I am” … follow it with something you want to see in your life, example:

I am a Powerful Woman.

If you don’t have a journal to write in, I encourage you to purchase a notebook. Within your notebook write your thoughts, affirmations, goals of parenthood and help keep your mind clear and focused.

The Boss Mom Mentality

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