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A little about the writer behind these posts.. below are some fun facts about me, that can help better understand who I am.

I am extremely shy when it comes to my inner world of writing, sharing personal development passions and my love for cognitive development.

Writing posts on my blog and talking about it on my podcast is my creative way to feed my soul, develop and strengthen my awareness and share my passions with all of you..

Fun Facts About the Author

I am in my early thirties…

I am a Mother of two to two toddlers. The best part of my life!

I am a first generation Filipino American. Born in Hawaii but a Las Vegasan.

I have a background in Hospitality Management & Contracts.

I carry a Paralegal Certificate and my Associate’s in Business Administration.

I am the Founder & Creator of TWM Blog & Podcast, a Self Published Author of The Boss Mom Mentality… and love love love this creative outlet and sharing my passion with all of you!

I am newly Engaged to my Partner of 6 years. We have a firey kind of love and we have two girls together… Fia and Aaliyah 💜

I have a deep curiosity and passion for self help and behavioral science. My journey started when I started to journal in 6th grade, reflecting on my feelings, then writing out my goals and seeing them come alive.. this compelled me to read further into self development and personal growth.

I am an amazing Manifestor (wtf does that mean!?) I’ll write a post on this to further explain if this is a foreign concept, I’m amazingly powerful when it comes to bringing things forward into my life, its magical.

I have been Journaling since I was 12 years old. Thinking about how to make a book series of my 18+ journals and archived experiences, any ideas anyone?

I am the youngest of three sisters & they are 14, 15 years older than me…so the act like they’re my momma’s.

I especially like home brewed coffee… & collecting coffee creamers. It’s treat in the morning for me, my motivator of waking up is drinking a hot cup of joe!

I’m a face mask addict. Love the feeling and smell of face mask, it feels amazing! I have a growing affinity for Spas.

I am afraid of small places. I dont like cramped, small places or feelings of being stuck… strange, I know.


You will read and hear tidbits of who I am in my content. Browse around and I hope you learn, get inspired or find entertainment within the words that I share!

Remember, Connect & Share!

Your Mommy Blogger,


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