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Possess a Bullet Proof Mindset

Build a Mindset Strong Enough to Withstand Outside Negativity.

Negative things will happen outside of us all the time… we will get annoyed with our kids, we will get irritated with family or friends, we will be insulted with our coworkers or team, we will feel rejected by our partner… this is all normal and a part of life.

It is how we handle ourselves and dictate how much of it will truly get under our skin. We determine how much those outside negativity will affect us, our days and weeks.

Often, without fully being aware of it… we want to be negatively affected so that we can blame those outside factors as to why we didn’t accomplish our goals or to not be highly productive.  

In an essence, it is up to you on whether you should allow it to affect your days and whether those negative irritancies will get in the way of our ability to accomplish.

Here are some ways to stay focused during those negativities show up in your life.


In the Boss Mom Mentality, I refer to affirmations as a prayer, a statement that help your mind stay focused on your goal… create some affirmations for yourself if you haven’t already.

“I am a positive woman.”

“I am powerful enough to accomplish my goals”


In the Boss Mom Mentality, preparation is key… I write about it all throughout the book.. prepare your days, prepare for activities, prepare for appointments.

Anyone whom is prepared, is one that has thought their day through and experiences less challenges within their day, because they have planned for those.


Reflect on your days, if you had a long day filled with doing everything to run your business or household… journal about what you accomplished that day.

Journal about any challenges and let out any kind of frustration. Lastly, be sure to journal about you can bridge the gap of not allowing those challenges to prevent from those challenges to happen again.

Get Rest

In the Boss Mom Mentality, I write about getting adequate rest… rest not only helps your body get sufficient energy to operate for the following day… but it also helps with the health of your brain.

Get rest so that you can operate highly, physically and mentally.  


In the Boss Mom Mentality, I share reasons why exercise is so good for your mind and body.

Happy chemicals and endorphins get created during exercise and helps with staying positive. Get your body moving at least 3 to 4 days out of the week so that your body can maintain a level of positivity.


Staying positive in life takes conscious effort.

We can easily get distracted by the hustle and bustle of life. However, it is up to you on whether you get consumed by those negativities or challenges of life.

Or you can make a conscious effort to improve your mental state by taking the steps listed above to stay focused.

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