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Value of Affirmations

Do you currently use Affirmations in your daily life?? In The Boss Mom Mentality, I dedicate a whole Principle to this concept.

As a co-creator and Boss Mom, you must be aware of your inner dialogue.. the little statements you tell yourself through out your day. Naturally, the statements we tell ourselves are negative as this is common part of human nature… we are the hardest critics on ourselves than anyone else in the world… heres an excerpt from the book.

Do you ever take the time to think about what kinds of thoughts are living behind your parenting skills or how you show up in your household or life?

Do you take an active role in how you parent your children or how you show up in their lives?

Are you present in your child’s life or are you letting others raise them?
In a very true and interesting way, the answers to these questions, make an impact on any parent, subconsciously.

The way you show up in your life, whether good or bad, is all connected to what you tell yourself, your inner dialogue or mental chatter… these are called affirmations.

To improve your mindset within parenting and life, harnessing the power of affirmations is extremely powerful. Having impactful affirmations to tell yourself daily is what can change your overall belief of yourself, your life and the circumstances within it. Feeding your mind fruitful thoughts that help you stay focused, organized and have a clear goal in your Motherhood journey will affect your behavior, your actions, it creates empowerment and builds your self-confidence.

Affirmations (n)
The action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.

Affirmations is about creating a personal statement that promotes a positive mindset which should be repeated to your self and written frequently.

About fifteen years ago, I first learned about the power of Affirmations from the great Louise Hay, Author of Heal Your Life. Haye have been teaching the power of affirmations for over 25 years.

She has used affirmations to heal herself of cancer, heal from abuse and to transform her life into great success and prosperity. Haye defines affirmations as, “every thought we think, every word we speak to be an affirmation that transforms our lives.”

Why are Affirmations Important in Motherhood?
“I know that effective thinking-thinking can alter self-destructive behavior-does not occur just because something is said. An insight must be repeated, and repeated, repeated again. Only then, when it is fully accepted and understood, do you begin to alter behavior.”
-Dr. Wayne Dyer, Your Erroneous Zones

Being able to take control of your Motherhood journey through affirmations is a powerful and very easy tool you can start doing now, literally… right now. Louise Hay shares the experiences of having a mindset of love, positivity and praying with intent to manifest a life that you really want through affirmations and be conscious of the words that you say to yourself.

Affirmations are a great way to keep yourself centered within the hustle and bustle of life and to get out of the default thinking of the negativity and sacrifice.

Create some Affirmations for yourself!!

You can literally start doing this right now!!

I am a powerful woman!

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