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Adaptability in Motherhood

Parenting is hard and will get harder as our children grow older. Some parents may have it figured out, but even those parents aren’t truly prepared.

Raising children is the single most toughest job in the world.

It’s physically demanding, emotionally exhausting, and mentally draining. Most adults aren’t ready for such a task and we go about doing all of this with no real plan or goals in mind.

My parenting challenges are no different than anyone else’s. I have trouble multitasking, getting things done while the kids are playing, I have a tendency to respond autopilot style and not really paying attention to my responses to my toddlers.

I make mistakes and notice I am doing the same things as the people before me did when I was growing up… changing these patterns takes a lot of mental awareness that sometimes I am honestly just too lazy to commit to 100% of the time.

All the while, feeling guilty of being lazy to commit.

I know selfish, but that’s why I started this whole blog; to help me understand how to parent through sharing my experiences and what I find interesting with whomever stumble upon my posts.

I believe that by writing all of this out can hold me, as a parent more accountable, helps me become more aware of my surroundings during different parenting situations and parenting opportunities.

My point to all of this is to share the challenges I face when it comes to parenthood.

I am 4 years new to becoming a parent

…by now, I should be an expert, but in the world of parenting it’s always changing, they’re getting older, they are developing more of an understanding of their surroundings, whom they are as individuals and drawing their own conclusions about their world.

With all of that being said.. the Number One Rule To Motherhood, Fatherhood and Parenthood is:


I believe being able to be adaptable in all areas in life is key, the only constant thing you can absolutely count on is change.

Your ability to successfully adjust to the change depends on your ability to quickly adapt to the change to take appropriate action where it’s needed.

Become an Adaptable Parent

Change is the fundamental bedrock of Parenthood.

Being able to understand and develop our abilities to bounce back quickly from a change allows us to be better parents, role models and problem solvers for our children.

Being adaptable means having resilience to what parenting throws at you, being aware of the phases of life your child is going through and allowing for their growth with guiding them along the way.

I hope this helps with developing the fundamentals of parenthood.

Your Mommy Blogger,


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