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Boss Up & Know Your Passion

The Boss Program series will help you uncover your passion and work on how to incorporate this in your life.

A good amount of people don’t know what their passion is and a larger amount do know their passion, but doesn’t know how to live it out within their lives.

passion is your life

I am guilty of the latter, recently if you’ve been reading my posts, I just started a blog… so this is my attempt of living out my passion.

It has taken me two decades to fully allow myself the ability to broadcast it and share with the world my feelings, experiences, thoughts and opinions all because of the following 4 items listed below that has stopped me.

1| You Are Not Self Aware.

know yourself

Within the Boss Up Program, we are constantly uncovering who we are, what our strengths and weaknesses are and how to become better.

To know who you are, you must want to discover it. You must know that only you can define who you are, no one else.. not your spouse, parents, friends, media can define who you are. It’s the hardest thing for people to grasp, because we are so influenced by stimuli outside of ourselves, its hard to know OUR TRUTH. To start the journey of know your truth is to journal.

I encourage you to journal about your interests, know what that is… what is it that makes you excited?

Do you love to make people laugh, do you like to come up with cool stories in your mind, do you like coming up with cool ideas, do you enjoy a specific activity, cooking, dancing, gardening… journal about it.

Expand your journaling by these 4 questions:

Why do I love doing this?

What do I love doing the most within this activity?

How do I feel when I am doing this activity?

Who can I share this interest with that will find the same enjoyment?

These questions can create some insight, ideas, allows you to brainstorm how you can start doing your passion now and what that can look like.

4| Easily influenced by outside opinions.

don't be easily influenced

With so many outside influences like the media, friends and family, it’s hard to know ourselves.

It seems as though everyone else knows us more than we do, if we listen to others, it can drown out your own thoughts, feelings and emotions about the idea of who you are.

The Boss Up program series is about standing in your highest vision for yourself, understand that only you can determine what is true for you.

This starts with having a strong relationship with who you are.

March to the beat of your own drum, not what others expect from you.

By journaling you get to understand your thoughts, your feelings, who you are and this insight, personal discovery and understanding creates motivation to do what you love, to inspire others through your interest.

3| Playing it safe.

don't be afraid to take risk

Fear will plague and paralyze you from moving forward, if you let it. You may come to a point where you know your interests, but are afraid to take the next steps.

The Boss Program series is connecting with the infinite energy or creation, the Universe has your back… tapping into this connection and trusting in the process.

I was guilty of this as fear of criticism, scrutiny, not feeling experienced enough or knoweldged enough in the subject of what I want to write about, that it has stopped me for a long time.I realized that, all of these fears was something I came up with, no one but me.

I was the only person stopping myself, from following my passion.

Once I realized this, I became motivated to research the topic, the niche and saw so many people were doing what I wanted to do, WHY couldn’t I do the same?I am no different… than they, the only difference was that I let my fear get in the way.

4| Not having a positive support system.

you feel that you have no support

The Boss Up Program series is about connection with others and community with other strong women that are supporters of your.

Having a positive support system can truly catapult you into your passion quicker, if you have friends and family that feed your mind with positivity, strength, confidence and personal strength, you can go far in any direction you choose.

Not a lot of people have this readily available to them, so you must actively seek this.

First, remove any toxic influences around you.

Friends and family that are negative, or have bad habits, like drinking or taking drugs that get in the way of being able to have a healthy, positive relationship with them, remove them out of your life or scale back your interactions with them as this toxicity takes away from the energy you must use to start your journey of living out your passion.

Second, start researching the niche your passion is in. Look at other peoples podcast, blogs, free samples of audio books and that is a community right there that creates motivation, supportive and interactive with their listeners.

You can start commenting on their posts and actively be a listener, get to know these people… they will help you get your interest off the ground.

Today marks two weeks of having my website up and I made a commitment to post on a daily basis to build my blog up.

My journey has been really interesting, enlightening and exciting!Seeing my views increase as the days, weeks past is exciting, I can also view what parts of the world people are reading my posts and its reaching out to India, China and different parts of US.

Its not huge numbers, but the fact that my post was opened in different parts of the world is extremely motivating and reminds me why I love this stuff.

The easy part for me is writing blog posts, I can probably post 3 or 4 blogs a day if I didn’t have a full-time job and two toddlers, but I am committing to only one post a day to stay consistent.

That’s what you need to think about, what comes easy to you?

What motivates you, what inspires you, what creates exhilaration when talking about it?

Do you write poems, or lyrics to songs easily? Do you come up with catchy slogans to be funny? Than, you hear people around you say, “that’s clever, I am going to take that”? Do you enjoy a sports team and know an absurd number of stats and facts about it?

These are the kinds of things that you should be looking at and asking yourself, what can I do… to start sharing this “interest” with other people?

The good news is, that the time to capitalize on your interests is NOW. With the internet and so many free resources, audio books, podcast to further your ability to share your interests, there is literally nothing stopping you, but YOURSELF.

I stopped myself for two decades to follow my passion, if I had started in my twenties, I may have already supplemented my income by now and can have more time with my family and more time doing what I love… blogging, learning, sharing and building a community around my niche.


The Boss Up Program creates the awareness of your highest potential, what your ulitimate goals are and create a fulfilling life by living out your passion.

I am here to create motivation for others to do the same, do what you love, explore different ideas to allow yourself to live out your interests and share it with other people, perhaps create an Interest focused Instagram account, or create new Facebook community that is solely about your interest in mind.. eventually when it becomes viral, popular and gain followers, opportunities will present itself for financial growth.

Inspiration = Passion = Happier Life

you can and you will!

Let me know if this was helpful, what came up for you and if you have any ideas of what your passion is.


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