Nail Shop with Your Toddler

Have some fun with your toddler and bring them to the Nail Salon!

There’s a lot of negative talk about bringing your kid to the nail salon.

There is some definite DO’s and DONT’s that apply in this case, especially when your child or toddler is not well behaved.

There should be a rule that your child must be of a certain age and if your child does act out/throws a tantrum, that the parent/client must leave to calm the child. You must be prepared to have to leave if there were a tantrum.

This is something that comes with the territory of having children. It would be irresponsible if you do not attend to your child.

That’s the darker side of bringing your child to a nail salon or beauty parlor.

On the lighter side, if you are able to have your child stay calmed, entertained and excited about being at the nail salon, I say go for it Mom!

I have been lucky enough to have toddlers whom are well behaved long enough (1.5-2hrs) for them and myself to enjoy a day of pampering at the nail salon.

I go every 4-6 weeks and bring one of my toddlers with me.

It’s a great experience for my toddler too visit the nail salon, with whole bunch of women getting together to get pampered and take care of themselves.

It shows your toddler that taking care of yourself is a treat and fun way to feel good about yourself and feel valued.

Gauge your toddler, I waited until my toddlers were pass two years old and took count of how well behaved they are in public.

If your toddler is interested in getting their nails done, have minimal tantrums, your toddler may be ready for this experience out the house with Mommy.

Everything is an experiment when it comes to motherhood, try it out for the first time and see how it goes. Don’t get too stuck on the results, be open to what unfolds..

I suppose that’s what parenting is all about.. leave if your toddler cant sit there for the duration of the service or stay if your toddler seems fine.. either way it’s a journey both of you had together, that is what parenthood, motherhood, all the hoods is all about anyway.

What I bring to the Nail Salon for my toddler who is 2 years old


Bring snacks, I recommend Cheerios (cereal of choice) in a ziplock bag and juice/water.


Pack a toy. I bring a coloring book with crayons or a small toy.

A Device.

Bring a form of electronic, if you’re ok with giving up your phone, that works too.

I also ask her during the time my nail lady is doing my toes, what color she wants on her nails. This way it tells my toddler that she will get her nails done too.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to gauge whether you want your toddler to have nail polish on your child’s nails.

My stance is, once in a while is fine and eventually after a few baths, the polish comes off as I tell my nail technician to only apply one coat.

I understand if some mothers are opposed this, especially if this is the only time away from the household.. we all need some Me Time, I get it.

Peace & Quiet. As a mother, you should get pampered in peace and quiet.

The time away from your kids is sacred and this allows for rejuvenation, but if you are ok with bringing your toddler on one of your nail visits, do it.

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