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Journaling Rewires Your Parenting Skills

Do you want to change your habits, change your knee jerk reactions within your parenting skills and improve your responses to your children and your partner?

Journaling can help you become a better parent, mother and overall be more present with your children and the people in your life.

Initially, the concept of rewiring your brain sounds scientific and somewhat impossible unless guided by some sort of professional, but there is scientific proof that its really simple… through journaling.

My research has revealed that the art of journaling, REWIRES your brain, building new neural pathways for better understanding causing better results within your life, motherhood, your life and the lives of your children.


According to Jim Kwik, author + entrepreneur, the brain is essentially a supercomputer, processing at the capacity of what we’ve intentionally and unintentionallytaught it to run on.

Just like our computers we work on, if we don’t update our software from time to time, we are working off of an older version of the system.


Journaling is one of the ways to intentionally teach and rewire new processes, we can intentionally, pick and choose what we want our brain to operate off of.

It’s been a long journey to get to the evolution of our species, but that doesn’t mean our brains have caught up to our modern-day lives, problems and skills to solving them.

The channels of where information is first received in the brain, is through the archaic and more primitive part of the brain called the Brain Stem, it takes milliseconds for it to be received to the front part of the brain where thinking and cognition takes place, called the Frontal Lobe.

What does that mean?

We are naturally responding to problems, issues and any concern in moments in an archaic fashion and not thought out.

The problem with this is that if we don’t train ourselves to sit with information, let it marinate in our mind before we respond, the less are our results to be beneficial to us.

The act of journaling allows us this power, it creates an awareness of this delay in reasoning and to hold off on our instinctive responses and to really THINK about the way we respond to any situation, in this case how we respond to our children.


The brain uses 30% of the human bodies energy for it to process, receive data, analyze it and draw conclusions.

One of the ways the brain conserves energy is that it automatizes anything and everything and disregards things that the brain thinks is unimportant.

For example, I’ve been driving for almost two decades now, with all the experience I have had, my brain is now able to automatize the act of driving, I don’t have to think hard to drive my car, it becomes automatic.

Information Discarders: The brain disregards things to save conscious bandwidth and energy. I got a new Buick recently, after having to own my new car, I notice Buick cars more often on the road, but never gave two sh*ts in the past.

That’s how your brain discards information that it doesn’t think is relevant, but will include information when it becomes important. Automatizing our day to day is good for us, but may not be beneficial for our relationships and that is where Journaling falls into place.

The act of Journaling can actually create awareness of these patterns or automatized responses so that we can truly respond from our hearts, values and what’s important to us for a more meaningful relationship with others and ourselves.


Since our brains are supercomputers, it can be a lot of thoughts spinning around at any given point, at any given time of the day.

According to a documentary, Secrets of The Human Brain, the average person speaks to themselves at a rate of 300 to 1000 words per minute and a lot of the time, these inner conversations are driven by the part of the brain that operates fear called the Amygdala.

Journal about your goals + future, enlists the rational part of our brain, the Frontal Lobes to assist with achieving this goal.This process redirects the energy from the Amygdala creating a more focused, calm and harmonious mental state.


Our brains are wild and can drive us to living very unhappy life if left unguided.Even though we have evolved into such a domestic society, our brains still need some work.

We must actively work on our minds, be mindful of the processor its running off of, be cognizant of our responses to people and situations and Journaling can bridge this gap.

Journaling is a great tool to tame the “monkey mind”, get on the right track and cultivate a life with meaningful relationships with others and most importantly, with yourself.After all, it’s not what happens to us that defines us, but it’s how we deal with it, that does.

Sending you love and all green lights!

-Happy Journaling!

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