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Confidence & Certainty

Are you truly Confident & Certain in your life?

I would say, alot of people aren’t.

In fact people are more of the opposite, fearful, worried, anxious and negative.

So when we go into business, we almost always will go into the same state of mind.

Fearful, worried, anxious and negative.

Isn’t that awful?

Most of us don’t even know it. We go about our days, weeks, months doing things that we “think” are income producing. But its NOT!

And we look up with no results, 0 in our bank accounts and no clients to help.

At that point, we are validating why this wasn’t going to work and you knew it from the start, “what was I thinking to start a business, ofcourse it was going to fail.”

It is awful, I see it everytime.

The only remedy is to lean in to what makes you scared.

Whether that is sales conversations.

Being in front of the camera and being visible.

If you are worried about judgement or criticism.

Or maybe you are terrified of rejection.

Lean into it.

Once you get through these fears, that is when you can start attracting the right clients to you and actually making some real cash flow into your business.

It is simple as that.

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