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Are You Bigger Than Your Excuses?

I speak with a ton of people all over the world and I notice people believe that their excuses are their reality.

Their current circumstances are bigger than themselves.

That they aren’t able to change the trajectory of their lives.

When I speak to women, we discuss their challenges, why they aren’t achieving their business goals and why are they stuck.

There is usually alot of emotions because as women, we just love to be emotional. But what I really mean, is that they are sick and tired of not getting the results that they “think” they are working so hard towards.

Yes, there are a ton of excuse makers. Those who think that they can start a biz for 1 month and expect to get it right the first go around.

There are those who learn, learn, learn but don’t put shit into action, because of fear of, failure, worthiness and they are plain lazy.

Then there are those who front like they have it all together with a ton of followers and they don’t have anything to show for it.

When it comes down to making shit happen, they are filled with excuses.

They believe that their current circumstances are bigger than themselves.

Are you running your life based on your excuses?

Are you not getting the results that you want in your biz?

If so, lets chat💚

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