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Empower Women Around You

Empowering other women is the ultimate goal of the Boss Up Program series. When we come together and uplift each other, become supportive, helping each other achieve greatness, we are also achieving greatness.

Empowering women

Empower; verb.

To make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming ones rights.

Empowering ourselves is difficult. If you are doing big things that scare you or perhaps those around you may think you are insane for shooting that high, self-doubt can plague us.

Working towards big goals can be intimidating to keep going. Self-doubt can consume you, are you worthy enough to be that successful or achieve that level of happiness?

Personal development during these moments is crucial. The key to breaking this negative funnel of self talk and debilitating beliefs is to empower those around you.

To create and connect with others whom are up to big things and up life and support those people. Empowered women, empower women.

This energy of giving and connection creates a boomerang effect that aid your journey.

Connection to All.

All things are connected. We are all woven and created by the same energy field, what grows an oak tree resides within us, this energy field connects all of us and is the consciousness of the universe.

Tapping into this universal consciousness is the key to becoming compassionate to the people in our lives. Which in turn becoming empowering for others and empowering ourselves.

Being aware that we are all connected allows for jealousy, judgement, separation to subside.

Golden Rule.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. This is simple enough, if I want to be empowered by others, to do the same for them. Empowered women, empower women.

However, there is a deeper meaning within the Golden Rule. It is a biblical stance, of do unto others… under Matthew… but I am speaking more, within the realm of Karmic Law, what you give you get, by tenfold.

If you practice empowering other women, it will come back to you, the support, love and connection, will come right back to you.

Being the highest form of energy allows you to exude this energy out, by empowering women and creates a magnet of love and great things coming your way.


If life throws at you moment that allows you to exercise sharing this empowerment, take that opportunity to empower that person that needs it in front of you.

Empowering women

Provide some sort of insight that she may not have seen, a different approach to her situation could improve things for her, praise her for something amazing she hasn’t noticed about herself, give her a compliment that could change her day around.

Moments like these, will go a long way for you, in the least ways you can ever expect.

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