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Improve your Self Image

What is the health of your Self Image?

Your self-image has a direct correlation to how much money you earn. If you think you can only earn $30,000 per year doing what you love, this will be your reality.

If you believe you can achieve x amount of dollars, this will be your reality.

The health of your self-image has a lot to do with the results you’re driving into your life.

To turn around your results and Boss Up, we must delve into this topic, understand it and make changes within, where necessary.

According to Webster’s dictionary, self-image is defined below.

Self-Image (n)

The idea one has on one’s abilities, appearance and personality.

Let’s review exactly how to find out what your Self Image is, how to make adjustments and to cultivate a new way to see yourself.

1| Mirror Test.

In order for you to make the appropriate changes to your Self-Image create a healthier self-image that is aligned with your goals, you must assess your current Self-Image.

The mirror test is an exercise that will support you in uncovering how you see yourself, what your self-image is and assess whether you have a positive self-image or a negative self-image.

Mirror Test Exercise:

When you are alone, get in front of the mirror and ask yourself the following questions;

(For breakthrough and growth, be sure to answer as authentically and honestly as possible.)

How do I feel physically? ..why?

How do I feel about myself physically? ..why

How do I feel emotionally?

How do I feel about myself emotionally? ..why?

How do I feel mentally?

How do I feel about myself mentally?  ..why?

How do I feel about my finances? ..why?

How do I feel about my relationships? ..why?

How do I feel about where I am at in my life? ..why?

The goal here is to see how you answer these questions, if they are predominantly positive or negative and observe the thoughts that come up for you.

Which leads me to the next step in uncovering your self-image process.

2| Awareness.

Now that we have completed the Mirror Test exercise, some very vulnerable information has been revealed to you, that can help you with bridging the gap of an unhealthy self-image to a healthy positive self-image.

This is a very crucial time, with taking control of the need to judge your emotions and how to receive this information.

Don’t do it! Take a step back and realize, that in order for you to make these changes, the dark side of this is what needs to come to light for you to make changes.

Blessing in disguise.

Consider these things that come up for you, even the negative & debilitating thoughts as what you need to appreciate the change and transformation that is soon to come. This moment in your transformation process, is exactly where you need to be, to create anew, more aligned vision of yourself. I congratulate you for your bravery.

3| Bridging the Gap.

This is where the work comes in, now that we know what we now, how can we move forward?

The action steps required to make some long lasting changes that can remove some old thought patterns of your self-image that no longer work for you requires the following:

Commitment to your new vision of yourself.

Discipline to keep at it even during the moments where its easier to give up.

Focus, be clear on what you ultimately want to achieve.

Write down 3 to 5 powerful statements (affirmations) that are opposite of your negative thought process, for example:

I am a powerful, woman who achieves greatness.

I am receiving financial wealth.

I am beautiful inside and out.

When creating your statements, make it a present statement and should begin with I am.

It takes 21 days to form a habit, practice your new statements daily for the next 21 days to replace the old negative thought process with your new, aligned with your vision thought process.


The goal within the Boss-Up series is to create a shift within your awareness of how you see yourself ant literally Boss-Up.

To create power shift in your self-image, stay focused on your end goal, your highest vision of yourself.

This is transformational work, it takes discipline and love for yourself to see the shift in your life and take daily actions towards making the change.

Your future Boss self thanks you for the growth and prosperity you are bestowing to your new you!

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