Fun Easter Home Activities

Easter is always fun in our household!

My family get to do some fun things that are easy, simple and exciting for my daughters to truly find the holiday memorable! The best part of Motherhood is all the fun memories we make together!

Usually, we will also take a picture with the bunny, however this year… we decided to celebrate the holiday at home!

It was still very exciting and fun filled for my girls!

Below are some fun activities to celebrate Easter at Home!

1| Easter Egg Hunt

A fun way to get outdoors, exercise and evoke a healthy competition is an egg hunt with your little ones.

I like to preface that there’s a Golden Egg and that it’s the more valuable egg out of all of them.

I got eggs from our local grocery store and purchased two golden eggs, one for each child.

I filled the eggs with an assortment of candy and itty bitty toys that I know my girls will be excited to get.

Usually, we will put the eggs out right before the girls go out, because if you wait too long and have the eggs outside.. the chocolate may melt depending on how hot it is where you are.

2| Decorating Eggs

This was my first time doing this with my girls, but my husband grew up decoring eggs on Easter every year.

It was super fun, had some colored tablets, vinegar and water in jowls… the girls were excited to dip the eggs in each color.

We also had some glitter and glue, so they got a little messy… which is even more fun for them.

Stickers came with the egg decorating set, so they finished the eggs off with stickers.

3| Easter Baskets

Easter baskets usually get dropped off by the Easter bunny… this year, the Easter bunny placed their baskets in the garage… so after wed completed the egg hunt… their dad asked them to go to the garage and there they were!! Screams of excitement filled our garage!

The cool thing about Easter baskets is that you have the option of creating your own or purchase one already assembled.

There are so many different types now available at your local grocery store so it’s just the matter of picking it up before Easter.

4| Easter Themed Movies or Shows

My favorite Easter movie is Hop with the bunny who leaves Easter Island to go be a normal person and goes to California.

I actually love watching this every year with the kids. It’s cute, hilarious and has a great lesson that is revealed in the end.

The kid shows will not fail you, Easter day will air a whole bunch of Easter themed shows! From Peppa Pig to Vamperina.


There are so many things you could do at home that are cheap, easy and fun Activities for your kids to celebrate Easter!

Be creative in ways to celebrate different holidays through out the year and doesnt need to be something fancy. Your kids want to have fun with you and the rest of the family!

I hope this helps with deciding what Activities to do on Easter!

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