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How to Improve Your Mental Health After Babies

Starting a family is one of the most exciting time in any Woman’s life.

Its filled with thoughts of cute cuddly babies, the Joy’s of their laughter and seeing your little one grow up before you.

The dark side though is completely the opposite. Our bodies change, mood swings are outrageous and uncontrollable… and now our needs come last.

This drastice change in a womans life can be extremely trying, emotionally, physically and


There are different way to cope with this, grow through it and come out on the other side a stronger and smarter woman and mom.

Express yourself.

Talk about how you feel to a trusted confidant or talk to a professional.

This energy needs to go somewhere, it shouldn’t fester in your mind because that’s a unhealthy way to handle your problems.

Allowing you to Express your energy, good and bad can help you stay neutral in times of discipline to your child or communication with your partner.

Be active.

Do activities that create fun and excitement.

Dont stay cooped up at home because your down… this only breeds more negativity and unhappiness.

Being active, getting out of the house, get some sunshine, take a walk in the park will help create some happy endorphins and getting some vitamin d helps with balancing your hormones.


Get some blood flowing… this helps with balancing your brain chemicals, healthy endorphins and helps with keeping you in shape and staying fit.

Staying fit after birthing a child is hard… exercising helps you get fit, get your body back and helps you create positive energy and helps with a positive self image.

Develop self awareness.

Learn about yourself. This helps with understanding why you respond so intensely in different scenarios.

A better understanding of yourself can help you with healing some parts that may need some attention.

Motherhood brings up issues from our childhood, so learn about yourself… heal those wounds so that you can be a healthy and emotionally balanced mom.

Surround yourself with love.

Become immersed with love and positivity. Be cautious of the people you let in your circle, be aware of peoples energy and remember that energy is contagious.

Always keep positive and supportive people around you that can help you see a different approach to your situation or scenario.

Learn new things.

You are either growing or dying. Learning new things is a sign of maturity.

As a mom, learning new things whether it be learning a new skill, language, if your learning about personal growth or anything that is expanding yourself positivity… this is a sign of positivity in your life.

It’s a great way to have somethi g for yourself outside of your Motherhood life and the hustle and bustle of your day to day.


Understanding that becoming a bit crazy during different stages of Motherhood, including the beginning parts of your journey is normal, can help you grow through this.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of Motherhood. Understand that you have the power to be better, rise above the chaos and come out a stronger and wiser woman and mom.

Learning, loving and growing is my motto!!! Of, course get yourself a glass of wine… I know I need this after a long day of mom-hood.

Sending you all greenlights and love!

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