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Principle #1 Work Through the Emotional Roller-coaster

I chose to have this as Principle #1, Work Through the Emotional Roller-coaster in The Boss Mom Mentality

Because I feel that all of us women, whether we are new in Motherhood, are in the thick of it, or are seasoned moms, our emotions get the best of us almost always.

Conflicts create the fire of affects and emotions; and like every fire it has two aspects: that of burning and that of giving light.

– Dr. Carl Jung

It is real, the sadness, the extreme feelings of loneliness, the feelings of disappointment and negativity and it all has to do with the health of our inner world, our emotional health and how well we deal with the negativity in our lives.

In the Boss Mom Mentality, I go over tips on how to deal with the negativity, the emotions and all that stuff that just seem to happen that we dont have control over them.

The very first thing is to Talk to a Therapist… even when things dont seem so severe, even when things seem fine and you are only going through bursts of emotions… but overall you are ok. Talk to a therapist any way, talking it out with a professional or a trusted person that can offer objective point of view is so helpful in keeping your mind cleanses, a form of release and a way to think things through.

Be open to the fact that you may need to release some tension and it is ok to. This is apart of Motherhood, going through the different phases can be difficult it is the way we handle them and how we problem solve that allows us to come out a better version of ourselves.

Emotional Rollercoasters during Motherhood is normal, it is the way we go about handling them that makes all the difference. I worried too much, I was going through bouts of emotions and I didnt know how to deal with them all.

The Boss Mom Mentality

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