The Boss Mom Mentality

Principle #4 Have a Realistic Sense of Reality

In The Boss Mom Mentality, Principle #4 is Having a Realistic Sense of Reality…

There are a lot of people that actually live in a delusional sense of either over confidence and a grand sense of self importance or the opposite of poor self esteem and self worth.

Being realistic in the value you bring in each of your relationships allows you to develop an honest journey of Motherhood.

In The Boss Mom Mentality, I share some insight on this false sense of importance or a false sense of unimportance and how it must be turned around for us to parent more honestly. It is very interesting to see how people actually view themselves especially if it is not from a realistic sense.

Be aware of how you see yourself in your life, realistically.

The Boss Mom Mentality is about having a realistic sense of her reality. There is danger in not knowing the truth of your reality and how you show up within it. 

It seems that an epidemic is upon us, that people think very highly of themselves, with nothing to show for it. Studies show that it is due to the lack of parenting and discipline received as a child with the combination of progress of the internet, social media and the decrease of real social interactions that people have with one another.

We tend to warrant how well we are doing, by the likes we receive, or the comments and shares that get on a post. Not understanding that there is a level of narcissism that is sparked within a person, due to the falsehood of positive feedback.

The Boss Mom Mentality

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