The Boss Mom Mentality

Principle #5 The Gift

In The Boss Mom Mentality, Principle #5 is The Gift… this principle goes over seeing Motherhood, the journey of Motherhood as a gift.

A gift to experience true personal development, growth into our womanhood and learning about ourselves in the deepest sense.

I loved writing this section, it truly shows the perception of life, whatever it may be… work, romance, health, and in this case it is Motherhood… how we perceive our current situation truly reveals how we experience it… therefore, it doesnt hurt to see this chapter of our lives, as a Gift!

“It is terrifying that you will be responsible for something so tiny and magnificent. A life… the purest form of life’s creation that carries your blood and your DNA. A tiny, miniature you! Motherhood is hard and it’s scary but it’s also the greatest journey a woman can embark upon.

The true blessing is that your child has the whole world to grow into, learn from and create a magnificent life within. You get to provide the best life for them, the kinds of values and lessons that you’ve learned along the way from experience or perhaps give them what you didn’t get to have as a child.  

As a parent, you have the power to teach your child valuable life lessons, that can set them apart from others and can help create a successful life ahead. You can make the world a better place by teaching your children how to love, thrive and maximize their full potential and create a meaningful life for themselves.”

-The Boss Mom Mentality

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