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The Boss Mom Mentality

The Boss Mom Mentality was my way of going through the personal struggles I have encountered in motherhood…

It is funny how, the chapters in our lives evoke unhealed wounds, and force us to deal with things that are uncomfortable that we keep buried.

That was Motherhood for me, in the beginning stages of this chapter, I found myself… going through it. I didn’t know what to make of the feelings aside from possible post-partum depression and high emotional rollercoaster feelings all the time. It was a very confusing time for me.

I turned to my passion, writing and personal development… that is how The Boss Mom Mentality was born.

A set of Principles and Core Values that make up a women’s path to becoming a Mindful Momma and standing in her Womanhood.

Thought leaders, researchers, psychologist, therapist all did the work for me, in uncovering why we do the things we do… how to overcome our personal challenges and I weaved their concepts together that make up The Boss Mom Mentality.

I have learned a lot in my journey of writing this book, one of which is that… I still have a lot to learn. The other, is that there is a way to live the life I want, one of meaning, purpose and happiness.

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