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What Programs & Courses to Avoid as an Entrepreneur!

I have joined a ton of programs and courses in my time of entrepreneurship. Some were a waste of time & money, some were worth 10x the cost.

When we are navigating our journey in this unknown territory, we are searching the key to success, the golden roadmap to get your business to start monetizing.

I used to binge watch gurus to find information that could be useful in my own business, trying out this and that and never sticking to one method and seeing one particular method through.

I would spend thousands of dollars to learn things that were basically useless to me. Perhaps you are in the journey of looking for a program or a course to take your business to the next level and you arent sure of the direction or which to go with.

Here is some insight, learned first hand…

Programs that you want to AVOID like the Plague

Self-Taught Programs & Courses

I noticed that these courses is information filled, tons of videos, PDF’s, audio files and pictures to illustrate the course. HOWEVER, I notice that when I get to the more difficult modules like SELLING or talking to people about my business, I was terrified.

There was no support to get me through my FEARS. I wouldn’t work on that module and move past it.

Which means I didn’t follow through the systems and I didn’t get the results that I needed.

A Coach that Doesn’t Resonate with You

I worked with a ton of different coaches in my career, coming from a background of business coaching, there is a ton of different personality types, therefore people’s communication styles and how they receive information is different.

Being able to connect and resonate with your coach makes a huge difference when hearing their message, truly understanding it and executing what they are sharing in their systems

It is a day and night difference, if you are being coached by someone you don’t resonate with versus seeing them as yourself, rather you see, your future self in them

It is a huge difference maker, choose your coach wisely!

BIG Promises that arent Realistic

Gurus will sell their shit like hotcakes, in order to make sales, they need to make BIG promises.

This is understandable, however… be weary of these big promises, as they are misleading and meant to entice you to BUY impulsively and quickly, without rational.

This is where they get you…. Do your research before you get into any programs and coaching agreements.

What Programs to Do Instead

Programs & Courses that comes with Coaching

Go with programs and courses that come with support and coaching. So that when you are reaching the different modules, you are able to get through passed your fears, you are able to face your fears with support and not alone.

It is hard to face your fears alone, so go into a program with support!!

A Coach that Connects with your Vision & Core Values

Participate in a coaching program that connects with you and resonates with your visions and core values.

There is power in being on the same page, there is value in having similar values. You see them in you and they see you in them, you can visualize yourself as them, a successful version of you… how they show up, you start showing up, how they speak and the tonality and verbiage they use, you start mirroring. There is power in connecting with a coach that you resonate with and your transformation accelerates when you pair with a stronger, successful version of yourself.


In the end of all of this online mumble jumble, we are all trying to get ahead on way or another. If you want to learn how to grow your business, you have two options.

Giving up TIME to learn the methods on your own, test marketing approaches on your own, tweaking and rebranding on your own until you get it.

This route could take 1 year, 2 years, even a few years… the learning curve for online entrepreneurship is expansive and ever changing.

Or you will pay MONEY to learn the methods in record time. You will follow a system that is proven and works when applied. Your learning curve is shortened, and you can start seeing results much faster.

So it is on you, whether you have the TIME to give up or the MONEY to give up.

I know that once I got a mentor, I was able to monetize my business fast af.

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