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Secret to Sales

After working with a ton of female entreprenuers and women accross the world. I notice the one common challenge they have.

They are terrified of sales.

They tell me that they need help with developing self confidence so that they can sell.

They say thatt “I shit the bed when it comes to selling my brand, my products and services.”

What does this all mean?

Well first, as women, being a sales person is not our nature. Sales is something we must want to learn and practice until we get it right.

So, are you in the position where you want to get it right?

Or are you being forced to get it right?

To enter into sales to transform our business and essentially our self confidence, we must look at sales differently.

In my Confident Business Women’s Academy, I share techniques on building our strengths as Sales Women.

In order for any business to thrive, we must be really good at selling our brand, our products & services confidently & with certainty.

So how do we do this?

You must have a really good sales script that paints your prospects challenges in a way that primes them to buy.

You must know and master your tonality, expressing authority when needed and when to be softer in your delivery.

You must see sales as a transformational journey for you and your prospect, coaching them to say YES to themselves.

My sales coaching framework is S.O.U.L. Selling System, which stands for Serving Outstanding, Unyielding, Leadership.

When we show up as leaders in sales, we can truly make difference in their lives and we can increase our sales in our own business.

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