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Why Personally Develop?

First off, why not?

Why not become a better version of yourself? Why not see if there is a different way, a more effective way to go through life?

This was always my question in life, as a teenager and a young girl… I always wondered, “is there a better way to live life?”

I was introduced to Self Help and Personal Development at about 18 years old, when I strolled through Barnes & Knobles in the New Age section, where the concept of learning about spiritual growth was new, this was about 15 years ago and saw a small book titled:

7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Something compelled me to buy it… I still have the book in fact. This book was the start of my Personal Growth Journey.

I learned about life, the universal energy that connects us all and most importantly, that there is a better way to go about life, a more effective, fun and abundant way to live life.

Personal development to me is a way of transforming my life, the results I get out of life and how I maneuver through the many trails of life and turn them into triumphs.

Value of Personal Development

Through personal development I learned about my weaknesses, that my strengths are powerful and that the subconscious part of myself ran my emotions thus causing behaviors that caused results.

Personal development to me makes up most of my adult life. I have always looked at the cognitive development of people, behavioral patterns and how people respond to high stresses and happy times.

I commend you for taking this. rave journey of personal development as this is your magic genie lamp. If you want something, dig deep within yourself to get it.

Personal development for women

With a strategic action plan, a strong mindset that can endure the unmotivating times and a strong support system, you can achieve anything.

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