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Personal Development Goals

Personal development is what has changed my entire life… and can change, yours if you allow it.

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Personal development is an amazing tool to help you gain personal insight on what needs work, improvement and growth in your life.

The great thing about personal development is that you can alter your life if you wish to use it in this way.

You can improve your relationships by learning more about yourself and personally develop.

You can become closer to who you are, you can understand deeper parts of yourself where you wouldn’t be without personal development.

A true blessing is personal development and our ability to become better versions of ourselves… below are the main things to focus on when you are embarking on the journey of personal development.

1| Self Image

Your self image is the bedrock of who you are, what you can accomplish and your mindset going through life.

In your personal development journey, understanding your self image is very important in knowing where and what you need improvements on.

Becoming aware of your personal self image will allow you to achieve your personal development goal easier. Insight with your personal development will show you quickly what’s not working and what is.

You can create a personal development plan that quickly bridges the gap from failure to success.

Think positively about yourself, your physical image, your emotional well being and your mental state, than you can go out into the world and accomplish and achieve your goals.

When things become difficult, self doubt becomes a quiet murmur, you can quickly shift this mindset and focus on your goal.

People arent on board with what you’re up to or dont believe you can accomplish your goals, you can quickly dismiss this as a form of their insecurity. You are self confidence enough to know you can receive anything you put your mind to.

Now the opposite happens if you are a negative Nancy. If your self image is poor or negative, then you have a poor self image.

This creates a negative whirlpool of debilatiting thought patterns, that ultimately paralyze you into action, taking away from working towards your goals.

Improve your self image and you can improve your personal development and achieve your goals.

2| Personal Boundaries

Personal Boundaries is all about self respect.

Self Respect (n).

Pride and confidence in oneself. That one is behaving in dignity in honor.

There are two ways that Self Respect is received. You command respect or you create results that command respect from other people.

The latter way of receiving respect is flighty as its an outside form that justifies why one would respect you. The first way is one that you embody, this cant be taken away from you.

The first way of commanding respect is permanent and is not fleeting.

Embodying a level of being that causes people to respect you and display a respectful mannerism towards you.

I will write in more detail about this topic. In the realm of Personal Development, understanding, exercising and cultivating Self Respect is the foundation that development is laid on.

Embodying Self Respect starts with you.

3| Develop Self Respect

How you respect yourself, how you treat yourself shows others how much respect you have for who you are, your values and what you believe in.

In short, how you treat yourself is how the world will treat you.

This is where personal development comes in, assessing and making inner changes to your highest potential.

If you dont correct it the begining moments of any interaction, you are showing others that you are willing to tolerate that type of behavior from others.

Which means you accept being disrepected. Which contradicts, the ability to achieve your goals which is developing self respect.

Commanding Self Respect means you get to see your value as a human being and that you are worthy of respect.

People treat you with respect, talk to you with respect anything outside of this is something you dont allow in your space.

Starting with understainding your Personal Boundaries. Communicating with people on how they should conduct themselves with you is you drawing the line of personal boundaries.

Drawing the line of personal boundaries, makes it clear with people on how you want to be treated.

This is apart of personal development. The connection with your personal growth, your value, your worthiness and ultimately your ability to achieve your highest potential.

Command respect in all your interactions. For it sets a tone for how you are perceived in the world and most importantly how you percieve yourself.

4| Adopt New Mindsets

Personal Development comes with assessing your mindset, your thoughts and the meaning you place on people, places and things.

This means you get dig deep, see what’s working and have honest conversations about what needs to change.

Becoming aware of this is the first step, the second step is practicing new ways of thinking and behaving.

The third step is to replace these new ways of thinking and behaving with old debilitating thought processes and behaviors.

Great way to keep yourself on track is by learning more about Personal Development by reading some of my favorite books.


Cultivating a healthy self Image, self respect and strong personal boundaries is apart of your personal development.

Becoming more self aware comes with uncovering those aspects.

Harness your personal power by unlocking the greatest parts of yourself. Personal development and you will be amazed on what is revealed to you and your personal capabilities.

To achieve greatness, you must be great! Let’s develop personally to gain this.

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