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10 Powerful Core Values for Women

What are Powerful Core Values for Women? The Boss Mom Mentality embodies a strong minded woman!

1| Passion.

A woman that is aware of her passion, is aware of what sets her soul on fire, has a determined mind to accomplish said passion as a form to make a living with or figure out how to do on a daily basis and share with her community. Some how, some way, with repeated action, monetizing her passion will eventually fruition.

Passion fuels her soul, allows her a reason to get up in the morning, to be the best version of herself and allows her to be focused powerful in her decisions.

2| Goals.

A woman that is goal oriented, is someone who is fierce in accomplishments. Being goal oriented means you have a desire for greatness, a desire for achievement and a desire for changing your life and the lives around you.

Goals keep her mind focused, away from the negativity and focused on action towards results and what she needs to get done to accomplish her goal.

3.| Hard Work.

Being a woman of hard work is one that can honestly say she works for everything she has.

She does not rely on hand outs, or freebies, she knows that to get what she wants, she needs to put the time, effort and consistency towards achieving her goals.

4.| Visionary.

A powerful woman is a visionary, she has a higher vision of her life, of herself and of her future. She understands that the circumstances of her life now, is not forever and will change upon what she sets her mind on.

Being a visionary is one that can see the unseen, feel the impossible is possible and the universe helps her achieve as long as she keeps her vision alive, fixated in her mind at all times.

5.| Karma.

A powerful woman believes in the Golden Rule, in Karmic Debt, that what she gives, she gets, what she sows, she reaps… she knows that how she treats others is in direct correlation with how she treats herself.

She is honest with others, she is authentic with others, because she is that with herself.

6.| Learning.

A powerful woman is constantly learning.

Fine tuning her trade, skill and value, personally developing or improving her circumstances. She knows that there is always more to learn and is surrounded by great books, music, art and people that teach, inspire and motivate her.

7.| Self Aware.

A powerful woman is self aware. She understands that she is not perfect and embraces her darkness and her light, works on herself frequently so that she can be impactful for her family and herself.

8.| Versatile.

A powerful woman is versatile and is able to display flexibility in situations that call for it. There are many challenges that life throws at her, but she has learned to be versatile, she has learned that to embrace the challenges of her life, she must employ versatility.

9.| Assertive.

A powerful woman is assertive and stands up for herself. She understands personal boundaries and speaks up if it is crossed in any circumstances, in a respectful manner.

Assertiveness is connected to her self worth and she understands her self worth and employs it in her life and her interactions with others.

10.| Self Confident.

A powerful woman is confident, she understands herself well and knows what she brings to the table, she understands how she shows up in her relationships and how impactful she is in people’s lives.

Self confidence comes from within and who she is made of, and it is deep rooted in her and not constituted by personal positions.

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