Leaving My 9-5 to Be a SAHM

I was once a SAHM when my oldest was born about 5 years ago.

I then went back to work 1.5 years after my second child was born and have been working since then… I’d been dreaming of the day when I can call myself a SAHM again.

After 2 years, that day has come.

Last friday was my last day in the corporate world. I am so thrilled about it… so many reasons as to why my day job was just not a fit any longer, a lot of the reason is surely because I have finally found my courage to follow my true passion, writing and publishing my book.

Nonetheless, I have a huge appreciation for this second chance at being a SAHM again… I dont think I made the most of it the first time, I was completely in my feelings, suffering from PPD which didnt help at all.

Now that I am here yet again, things are different, now my children are older, I am in a better frame of mind and so many opportunities are available to me… I cant express my thankfullness in this new chapter in my life. I’ve prayed for it and it’s here…

Leaving the corporate world and having a 2nd chance at being a SAHM comes with many blessings 🙏 …

1| Having quality time with my youngest, as we hadn’t had one one time since I’d returned to work, not the way I’ve had one on one time with my oldest.

2| Cherishing the fun moments where I take my oldest to school, and participate in her school functions etc.. (PTA Salute)

3| Having more romantic and fun moments with my partner 🥰🥰🥰

4| Focusing on alot of different projects like Book 2 of The Boss Mom Mentality, some other passion projects I’m very excited about 😬, and working on his business

5| Lastly, the true appreciation of being home with the ones I love the most, the opportunity to financially be able to do this (huge thanks to my partner)… spending my time with these munchkins and partner and the chance to truly work on what I love… is the biggest blessing.

I am thrilled for this chapter of my life…. 


Motherhood is many things… I have been praying for more time with my family, more time to do what I love, to not have to rely on others outside of their parents to watch them… to be able to take my kids to school in the morning… more connection, more appreciation, love and growth with those whom I love the most.

I am blown away with the miracles in my life and how you can truly pray for what you want… with enough belief and persistence… your prayers will fruition.

I am so excited about a second chance at being a SAHM again!!

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