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Master Rejection for Ladies

Did you know that we actually get rejected more often times than we can keep track of?

Yea, it’s true.. do you recall all those times you’ve told your child to put your toys away, or eat your food or brush your teeth and they don’t… those times are times of rejection, by our own kids, the ones we actually made!

How about those times when our partner aren’t giving us as much compassion, snuggles or kisses as we’d like?

Yea, that’s also a form of rejection.

We accept rejection from people all the time, but why it so hard when it comes to our business?

Or putting ourselves out there when it’s time to pitch an idea or enlist a huge corporation to give us money for a product or service?

It is our nature to want to be accepted, some people suffer from it more than others.

Becoming a believer in our products is one thing, but what if we truly have a fear of rejection, does this mean we aren’t self confident? Does this mean we lack people skills? Does this mean we are inferior than others?

No it doesn’t! … at least to an extent.

It actually makes you normal, it’s normal to not like being rejected.. we thrive on community and connection. It’s the hallmark of humanity! Those that have gotten passed the fear of rejection, took their fear and worked through it, they weren’t born fearless, they became fearless.

This takes practice and a few miner mindset adjustments and consistent energy towards mastering the skills of confidence and closer to personal develolment.

Below I’ve come up with a list that can combat your fear of rejection and break through to the other side.

How to Handle Rejection for Momprenuers


Accepting that there is rejection all around us, our children, our partners and yes our business, is the first step to working through getting comfortable with rejection.

There are levels of rejection, one level is when our kids refuse to eat their dinner, or clean up their room, another level would be a denial of a raise and the one I despise the most, being rejected for a business idea, or if people aren’t as keen to accepting your product or service.

These levels, give us an idea that rejection is common, it happens all the time in our lives.

We can easily take a step back and accept that this is a part of being alive, a part of handling people, a part of all of the relationships we have, personal and professional.

The truth is 100% of people won’t absolutely fall in love with our products or services.

…that you will still stand strong and continue to do what you love and handle yours as gracefully and effectively as possible and become an empowered woman.

And that is ok, because you don’t need 100% of the population to accept your product or service, just a select group of people of believers. If you have that, you are golden.

Thick Skin

What does having a thick skin mean?

This means, having a strong sense of self, that when someone says something about you, it doesn’t faze you because you know who you are, what you offer and that you will defend your ground if you were ever challenged.

Our society has made us weak, emotionally incapable of going beyond the feelings of sadness or disapproval, they crumble and go on rants behind a keyboard.

Its stressful to manage all the balls in the air, becoming a strong Momprenuer is hard, we get all forms of criticism when it comes to motherhood, juggling our business life and being a mom.

Staying an empowered woman is hard and definitely takes practice.

Those whom have a strong sense of self understand that they are doing the best they can, given the tools and resources available to them and that opinions of others can come and go…


Anything that causes you inner pain, when you are feeling uneasy about being rejected and stops you from doing something in your business, it’s worth finding out the root cause. This is first step in becoming an empowered woman.

Find out what the real reason is as to why this is causing feelings of discomfort and stops you at your tracks.

Journal about it. What would happen if, you didn’t care about other people’s acceptance?

What is the worst thing that could happen after being rejected?

Reflecting about these feelings will help you understand where you are, shines a light to reality of rejection and can help us learn about parts of ourselves that can help propel us forward.

We make up all of these false ideas in our head and that our minds literally are what is holding us back from our true potential.


Think differently about rejection, create a new feeling about it, that it’s a part of personal development and growth. Don’t numb yourself, but know that this is a part of life. Its ok if we get rejected, that means we are getting closer to a yes, moving closer to our dreams, moving closer to making our dreams your reality and becoming an empowered woman.

Keep going, strive for no’s, strive for rejections, overtime.. these no’s and rejections will make up your success.

Brick by brick, you are laying down the making of your castle.. but only when you are going out and being fearless in the face of rejection.

Remember these 3 tips of on dealing with rejection: Acceptance, Thick Skin and Reflect, and you will set yourself apart from other Momprenuers, in fact, it will set you apart from all entrepreneurs out here.

Become fearless in the face of rejection.

Podcast on Rejection for Mommy Entrepreneurs.

Sending you love, motivation and all green lights. Empowered woman, empower women!

Your Mommy Blogger,


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