The Boss Mom Mentality

Principle #6 Value of Journaling

Principle #6 in The Boss Mom Mentality, was my most favorite principle to write… why?

Because journaling for me was my life line and allowed me personal growth. The Boss Mom Mentality is all about personal growth, looking inward and seeing how we can be better versions of ourselves.

Uncover the depths of your inner world through journaling about the circumstances of your life, change your mindset, your perceptions about Motherhood and emotional baggage that seems to keep coming up for you during this journey.

These rollercoaster feelings are normal, but in order for you to maintain a level of control and understanding of your emotional highs and lows, journaling is a successful method to accomplish this. Journal to improve your emotional health, resilience and become a mentally strong parent.

Initially, the concept of rewiring your brain sounds scientific and somewhat impossible unless guided by a professional, but there is scientific proof that its really simple and it is achieved by journaling.

It takes consistent action outside of your habits that make simple changes difficult to accomplish. 

The Boss Mom Mentality

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