The Boss Mom Mentality

Principle #7 Opportunity for Growth

The Boss Mom Mentality, Principle #7 goes over the Opportunity for Growth…

One of the things in my journey of Motherhood was the growth and maturity I have acquired… the way I see the world and how I show up in it.

I would not be the person I am today, without the challenges I have overcome in this journey… the Opportunity for Growth is tremendous.

Moments in Motherhood ushers in opportunities to become whole even in ways that we don’t want to uncover.

This is an incredible journey and if you do the work, can change you in ways you never imagined. It’s tough, it’s challenging, but it’s an incredible avenue for Personal Development if you’re open to it. Moments where you feel disappointment or strong negative feelings are great opportunities to look within to see what areas you need growth in.

According to Dr. Tsabary, she writes in her book The Conscious Parent; “The process of losing our reactivity accelerates as our awareness deepened.”

Your children’s greatest lessons will be taught at home. It is important to be mindful about what they’re learning from us. Therefore, using our time to develop ourselves as people and as mothers will benefit us, our families, and society.

The Boss Mom Mentality

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