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5 Ways to Increase Self Confidence

Do you feel like you are down on yourself, or feel a level of disappointment when you go about your days?

Do you feel like you can’t accomplish your goals or that you are unsure of your strengths?

These feelings are a direct connection with your level of Self Confidence.

Personal development is about knowing your weaknesses, strengths along with understanding your self-confidence level.

Bossing Up means you get to maximize your strengths and develop your weaknesses to achieve your goals.

When you are confident and you have high self-esteem, you are able to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

What is the term Self Confidence mean?

Self Confidence (n)

A feeling of trust in ones abilities, qualities and judgement.

Improving our self-esteem and confidence comes with work and every grown person should implement actions in improving their esteem level.

One’s ability to accomplish anything in life, to raise children, achieve a job promotion, have a successful relationship with someone requires a level of healthy self-confidence.

Self-confidence is very important in the realm of personal development and achieving your goals.

Let’s review some things you are able to do to improve your self-confidence that you can do immediately and see some results right away.

1| Journal

Writing down your thoughts is a great way to vent and understand how your thought patterns respond to situations outside of you.

The more your write about your life, your goals, aspirations and things you want to work on, the healthier you are handling the thoughts in your mind.

Thoughts is a form of energy, it transforms into action if you don’t vent it out, the healthy way to handle your thoughts is to talk to someone or write about in your journal.

2| Exercise

The brain is controlled by the chemicals that is produced within any given moment by the person.

What does this mean?

When we experience stress, the body produces cortisone that creates a fight or flight feeling within the body which doesn’t encourage self-confidence.

The chemical we want to have produced within our body is dopamine or serotonin.

These chemicals are happy chemicals that encourage self-confidence and exercise (among others) is the activity that creates these happy chemicals.

Creating some blood flow, yoga, a light walk, hit the gym, whatever way you can get your heart rate up, will promote these happy chemicals.

3| Do your Passion

One of the best things that I have discovered in my journey of personal development is when I finally succumbed to my passion.

My passion of writing and writing about personal development, I have found extreme joy and a deep connection with myself.

Exploring your passion and doing what you love is a fundamental key  for developing self-confidence.

As you connect with your spirit and allow others to see your creativity through your passion, you gain self confidence.

Do what you love and you will inevitably develop a strong love for yourself, resulting in more self-confidence.

4| Be Authentic

“Happiness is when, what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”


Authenticity is hard to come by now a days.

With the pressures of keeping up with Joneses and seeing others do cool things that you aren’t doing. This creates a desire to put things on social media that may be false to maintain an image.

The more you compare yourself to others, the less likely are you able to authentically appreciate and be who you are.

Be real, it is simple as that.

If you feel sad, mad or excited or joy, express it. Express how you feel about anything in a respectful and appropriate manner.

5| Embrace your Uniqueness

The truth about anyone whom has made a successful living or has made a great impact on the world or within their communities, is that they embraced their uniqueness.

Along with embracing their uniqueness, they also feel comfortable enough to share with the world.

Knowing that it may come with both negative and positive responses, that they were ok with this.

Ultimately, embracing your uniqueness is that… that you will get some that may not accept your uniqueness.

But you will also get those whom will appreciate your bravery, love your authenticity.

People will appreciate your ability to vulnerable enough to share your uniqueness with them.

Discover what sets you apart from people, for this one thing can lead to creating a deep connection with yourself and with others.


The tips above are all great ways to improve your overall self-confidence, however it can’t be done in one day, one week or one month.

Improving your self-confidence takes consistent efforts, on a daily basis, until your new mindset is a habit for you.

It takes 21 days to create a habit, so for the very least, to do these actionable steps for the next 3 weeks and see the kind of positive results you will get.

You are not born with self-confidence, you create it from within & Boss Up!

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